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but the most contentious example of all is the one on which diana furchtgott-roth, senior fellow and speaker this afternoon focuses in her timely and important new book "regulating to disaster: how green jobs policies are damaging america's economy". in it, she subjects assumptions and policies which led to such ill-fated federal investments as that of the now bankrupt solyndra solar panel manufacturer as well as the a 123 caller battery manufacturer to a withering analysis which we at the institute have come to expect of the oxford trained economist whose chief of staff for the council of economic advisers. sorry. during the administration of president george w. bush. in her book she helps us understand why the failures of such direct investments in private firms are both significant problems in themselves and cautionary tale for those who would have the government rather than private investors allocate capital. the publication of "regulating to disaster" calfs diana's first year as an institute senior fellow in which she has been prolific and influential. cited by writers, reporters, talk-
in ... >> book tv continues of diana furchtgott-roth. she looks it up on the screen jobs initiative and argues that it hurts the economy. this is about 40 minutes. >> and howard hughes for research at the manhattan institute. thank you for joining us. the question of whether and how governments, particularly the federal government direct tax dollars to industries was a discussion last night presidential debate and is becoming an ongoing theme in the campaign. the term on which the finance and industries have also been the focus of intense debate, but probably the most contentious example of all is the one on which diana furchtgott-roth of the manhattan to senior fellow and speaker this afternoon focuses and are tightly regulating to disaster, have green jobs policies are damaging america's economy. in fact, she subjects the assumptions and policies which led to such elevated as of now bankrupt seller paid no manufacture as well as the electric car battery manufacturer to a withering analysis, which we at the institute have come to expect from this oxford trained economist who served
. >> reporter: diana and wayne reed did everything together. they ate meals together, vacationed together, danced together, and, of course, raised their two sons, erik and kevin, together. so, 27 years ago, when wayne was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as a.l.s. or lou gehrig's disease, they fought that debilitating disease together, too. diana was wayne's primary caregiver, so it came as a complete shock when the 56-year- old died suddenly on october 3 from fungal meningitis. it was an even bigger shock when wayne and her friends were told diana had been injected with a contaminated steroid medication made at a compounding pharmacy in massachusetts. wayne has the same rare slow growing form of a.l.s. as physicist stephen hawking, so he has trouble speaking. but his mind remains sharp and has not been affected. >> i i c't take care of yselwithout a little help. >> reporter: so, its one thing to have someone to take care of you; it's something else when that person is your best friend and you just really miss them? and that's the hard part? >> right, yeah. >> reporter:
the auto industries have been intense debate but the most contentious example it is one of that diana our speaker this afternoon focus it is on her timely book "regulating to disaster". she subjects the assumptions and policies that late bled to ill-fated when assessments like solyndra and a123 battery car manufacturer that we have come to expect from this former chief of staff for the council of economic advisers during the administration of president george w. bush. she helps us understand while the failures of private firms have significant problems themselves and cautionary tales to have the government rather than private investors allocate capital. the publication of regulating to disaster caps her first year as a senior fellow in which she has been prolific and influential cited by a writers, reporters and talk show host across the country. to think of her many contributions ranging from her analysis demonstrating even adjusting for the state of the economy those receiving food stamps it is that an all-time high. to another that we'll companies are not monopoly's controlled by a few
so it's two cresendo events. last halloween diana who you see running around here, key to the organization, who does most of the logistics to make this happen, and i went to get dinner at a local establishment. it's called hays and kabob and we went to get dinner on our way to the operations center hoping nobody would celebrate too much so we could get out of there at a decent hour. when we went there, we were both in our black eem polos and we started talking to the owner and he said, oh, did you hear about the earthquake in turkey? well, we'd heard about it the way everybody heard about it, i think it got about two minutes on some of the cable news channels, and that was it. there wasn't a lot of coverage on the van earthquake. it just didn't hit the air waves that much. he said, oh, my family's there. and he started talking about the devastation and exactly what the impact was. they were friends with the mayor of van and the mayor had asked them because they were in san francisco if there was a way they could get san francisco to help them and he was trying to get
so much for joining us. diana s delaying everything really the best option here? i don't think that's what voters want. what do you think? >> well, i think it is. i think the majority of voters don't want taxes to increase. that's why john boehner has such a large majority of republicans in the house of representatives almost probably more americans voted for republican members of the house of representatives than for president obama. he does not have a mandate to raise taxes. >> jared? >> if we postpone it -- go ahead, jared. >> no, please. go ahead. >> if we postpone the tax hikes and the spending cuts for a year, it'll give congress a chance to do some fundamental tax reform that will not hurt the economy, that will bring in more revenues that will make everything more efficient. >> jared, what do you think? does going over the cliff make everyone work harder to get a deal done? >> i think it probably would, but it isn't by any stretch of the imagination an optimal way to go. we should obviously try to solve this before going over. i will say i have a different view, of course, w
: julie this is the church where 14-year-old diana lin johnson worshiped 30 years ago tonight the community came together to honor diana and to call for her killer to be arrested. three decades after diana lin johnson was killed her friends are still overcome with emotion. diana was last seen at a party down the street from her vacaville home 30 years ago from tonight. her beaten and strangled body was found the next day by some near by railroad tracks. one of her friends says she remembers the day like it was yesterday. >> i had never experienced this evil and i had no idea it existed. i probably stood this shivering in complete sadness for about an hour until i was able to get myself to leave the horrific murder scene. >> but friends also remember the good times. >> reporter: at the time vacaville was a small farming town where it seemed everyone knew everyone's business. many say the killer was at that party. >> we are very well aware who it is. he has bragged about it many a times. even here recently. >> why? why hasn't anything but done? why isn't anybody in jail? >> repo
-old diana lin johnson worshiped 30 years ago tonight the community came together to honor diana and to call for her killer to be arrested. three decades after diana lin johnson was killed her friends are still overcome with emotion. diana was last seen at a party down the street from her vacaville home 30 years ago from tonight. her beaten and strangled body was found the next day by some near by railroad tracks. one of her friends says she remembers the day like it was yesterday. >> i had never experienced this evil and i had no idea it existed. i probably stood this shivering in complete sadness for about an hour until i was able to get myself to leave the horrific murder scene. >> but friends also remember the good times. >> reporter: at the time vacaville was a small farming town where it seemed everyone knew everyone's business. many say the killer was at that party. >> we are very well aware who it is. he has bragged about it many a times. even here recently. >> why? why hasn't anything but done? why isn't anybody in jail? >> reporter: a vacaville city councilwoman came to the vigil a
has a creative solution. >> for months, diana rivera did not know that our beloved teacher had a secret. and the month of march she was happily and rolled in a medical assistant class at centinela valley adult school and long tail, california. >> one day they just came in, give us a notice that the school was over, took us about. >> the class and the teacher were axed by state budget cuts. diana and 19 classmates were left hanging. but to their surprise their teacher, she had an idea. open her own school and continued teaching the course she greeted herself 12 years ago. the jump on board. >> i proposed it to them, if we can open up our own side we will be able to buy all the of equipment, so we did it. >> sheet obtained proper registration from the county, the state, but the city of lawndale and denied her a business license. she says, due to insufficient parking, so she decided to continue to teach and this secret location. she agreed to show us her car from unconditioned iwe will not disclose its location. each of her students. $1,600 would cover rent, insurance, utilities,
of trade. will the epa block it, diana? >> well, i don't know but maybe we should listen to what president obama was saying last year. he was brag being the oil and gas development we have in the united states. we got to remind him about that when the new epa regulations come out. so we -- we want to make sure he doesn't bring out those old ozone regulations that he shell of ad couple of years ago because he said they would damage the economy. our economy is growing slower now than it was then. we are really regulating to disaster. >> epa in 2010, diana? $23 billion of regulatory costs for the year 2010. >> that's what epa says. it is really probably a lot more than that. i mean, thee regulations, the mercury, the car ever carbon, ozone, each cost $100 billion each. >> all right. >> they don't have to justify them with benefits because it is maximum achievable control technology. in other words, they want to get as much as they can out of the air and don't have to justify the benefits. >> all right. robert, let me bring you in. you got your own epa in california. and you got your own cap a
straightforward report. i appreciate that. >>> for more now, let me bring in diana butu, former legal advise for the palestinian liberation organization who played a key role in past negotiations. diana, welcome. thank you for being here. let's talk first to start off with these reports from the palestinian source that is a man was killed, ten others shot in gaza but the israeli forces. the israeli government spokesman mark regev told me they are still looking into the incident but if the allegations are correct, do you consider it a violation of the ceasefire and, keep in mind what martin fletcher just told us. these kinds of skirmishes along the border happen all the time and to give a lot of weight to one incident, might that damage the ceasefire? >> well, absolutely this is a violation of the ceasefire but, more importantly, it's surprising to me the palestinians are somehow being asked to excuse israel's behavior or let israel off the hook because this happens all the time. the fact of the matter is this does happen all the time and that israel needs to be held accountable not only for
. it was there he met a fellow marine named diana and fell in love. three months after his injury, they reunited and 15 seconds later, he proposed. and as he healed, they had a son and a daughter. and then diana had an affair. and a child with another man and then she left. do you have custody of your children? >> i do. >> reporter: you're raising them? >> i am. >> reporter: why did she leave? >> it takes a strength of character, for me to get through what i've been through and she didn't have it. >> reporter: and yet, you'd still have no idea this pain. those who came to the beacon tonight might remember roger waters, do a little pink floyd with the band of warriors. ♪ so ♪ so you think you can tell >> reporter: or the antics of ricky gervais, but they will never forget aaron. and how his fellow marines put out his flames, put him on a stretcher and promptly dropped him in the dirt. >> not being wounded from the waist down, i figured, well, i'll stand up and walk. so, i get up and i start walking towards t towards, hey, no, lay down, we got you, you're in shock. i'm shocked that you dropped
his level of fame. he was, says sullivan, given the brush-off by jackie o. and princess diana. diana didn't want to be his friend. >> no, she didn't. you know, for lack of a better word, i think she was a little creeped out by him because of the intensity of his desire to be with her. >> reporter: in the book sullivan describes how various people, including michael jackson's wife, lisa marie presley, were beguiled by the star's intelligence and charm. >> and developed a deep affection for michael that i didn't see coming. >> reporter: it seems that you've fallen for the michael jackson spell, as well. >> well, i hope that what i fell for was what was good about him. i don't think i ever was blinded to the aspects of michael's character that are not so attractive or that are questionable. the ultimate question is, did michael jackson ever molest a child? my conclusion is that i don't think he did. my answer is, probably not. i wish i could say conclusively, no, he didn't. i can't. there is -- there is a shadow of doubt, and i learned i had to come to accept that i was going to have to
if it's hard juggling a kid and being on the show. >> oh, my god. oh, my god, diana ross. >> you make fun of us for having dogs dress up for halloween. tell me these dogs are not frickin adorable dressed up. >> hypocrite! >> i don't know anything about this. >> carter dressed as an alligator. >> laila as you. >> more news in just a moment but first the latest from the tmz storm center superdoppler h.d. 4000 stormtracker center. superstorm sandy has left the jersey shore in ruins. the cast of "jersey shore" devastated. pauley d doing his part to help the victims in recovery -- just kidding. he went to vegas! >> vegas! >> whoa, vegas. vegas good. >> he is there spinning at rehab and there are two chicks completely making out behind him and he doesn't even turn around to look at them. >> how do you tell a whole story with a still picture? >> i can tell the whole story with picture. >> you have to show off your man boy nippie. >> my nipples that hard? >> you should wear some paper over them. >> i want you to rub them. slowly at first. >> we shouldn't do this. >> indeed, that's why there's
barcelona le gana al mayorca y messi con 76 dianas va tras la marca de muller que en el 82 marco 85 goles. >> gracias, y en instantes después del salto de la estratosfera el concurso del salto más corto. cerramos con el concurso de la bahía de california, el ingenio de los participantes es empleado para onstruir aeroplanos de propulsion humana para volar, al final en medio de la diversión el equipo king novembre logro la diststst
to new york. we'll be speaking later on with a spokeswoman, diana bhutu later in this hour to get the other perspective, a former plo spokeswoman. and again that's diana bhutu later in this hour. >>> while the president pays close attention to incidents in the middle east, he's paying attention to diplomatic goals during his trip to the middle east. including one historic visit. mike viquiera, why was it vital that the president make this trip to asia? >> he's fulfilling a commitment and a symbolic commitment. to pay more attention to east asia, particularly those nations that are in the neighborhood of china. of course the rising influence of china been going on for decades now. both militarily and economically. there are geographic disputes in the region between the philippines, vietnam, several other countries, over some islands in the south china sea. the president, you're right is making an historic visit, he'll be the first sitting president to visit myanmar, known as burma. and the first sitting president to visit cambodia. he overnights tonight in thailand. he's had meetin
next, decking out your thanksgiving table on a budget, right after this. [ diana ] power was very important to me. we test-drove the camry, took it on the freeway, and it was just like -- this was the car for me. [ ryan ] it has stuff that guys like, like the rims and the sleekness to the body. and, then, had the bluetooth and the navigation that diana really wanted. [ diana ] and it was an se, so it felt really grounded to the ground. [ man ] grounded to the ground? yes, yes! grounded to the ground. [ male announcer ] see their story and more at the camry effect. camry. from toyota. and we got onesies. sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. h
got a couple commitments. let's put a team together. it was myself, diana, lewis, val valesky, i'm sorry, it's been a long week already and some people from public works. we want a couple engineers, i'm an old medic, diana is really the logistics master and i figure if we're going to go someplace where thins might go awry, i wanted someone like that. so we put this together in 30 days, including a holiday. we were wheels up for van, we spent 10 days in country. and the story there is interesting, to say the least. a little bit of a cultural difference. you kind of have to wade through, and i'm sure i'm preaching to the choir in the military here, you have to separate out how things are versus what you're used to and what it really means because otherwise you can really get into apples and oranges. so the take away for me, and what should be rolling behind me, are just a series of photographs of van when we were there. and what i hope the story that they are telling is this example of what we saw. i mean, there's some classic examples if you look at the buildings, these were
volvemos ♪. >>> pasamos con diana alvarado y la información de los deportes. >>> esto es acción deportiva extra, los diablos arribaron a la ciudad de tijuana para la gran final ante los xolos, dicen que esta vez no van a caer ante la jauría. >>> ya nos hemos enfrentado, sabemos que es una defensa durísima, pero bueno, tenemos buen equipo, que maneja muy bien el balón es lo importante. >>> recuerde que univisión es la casa de la liga mx, la gran final, llame a su proveedor de televisión y ordene univisión deportes para el partido de ida entre tijuana y tolcua ,llame ahora al número en su pantalla para que lo disfrute ♪. >>> en el fútbol de estufa en méxico, hicieron negocio redondo las chivas y monterrey, porque reyna va para chivas y el galaxy hace donativos para el equipo boys and girls de carson >>> el equipo está listo, eh, queremos jugar hoy ,pero tenemos que esperar hasta el sábado, esperamos ganar otra vez. >>> rogers clemens y sammy soza, los 3 protagonistas de la era de os esteroides, aparecen por primera vez como candidatos para el salón de la fama de béisbol, los
genes, la agresora se defiende >>diana reyes dice que su próximo video tendrá fuertes escenas, que filmará junto a una mujer que está buscando, ya le contamos. hace unas semanas presentamos un reportaje sobre una relacion de pareja enfermiza, donde un hombre aseguro ser objeto de agresiones fisicas y verbales, y fuimos a buscar el testimonio de la mujer, quien nego todo, fuimos argentina, advertimos sobre las imágenes. >>la mujer asegura que lo que quedó captado en cámara no es lo que parece. >>él está actuando todo el tiempo, lo que hace es una actuacion. >>susana gutiérrez afirma que durante mucho tiempo sufrio una provocacion deliberada de parte de su pareja. >>veo el video, no puedo ver que seas yo, es terrible verse de esa forma y ver a lo que alguien lo puede llevar >>jamas lo quise lástimar, si amedrentarlo, si que dejara de molestar, de golpearme más. que dejara de hacer lo que hacia, humillandome todo el tiempo. >>el video grabado por luis, fue presentado ante la justicia como prueba de maltrato. >>sentía mucha vergüenza que mis amigos supieran esto. >>el conflicto par
the value of their home could affect their decision. diana has been on that story. it's a case where home values in many states are lower than they were four years ago, since the last election, so you have to wonder whether that will be become a factor in the election tomorrow, right? >> well, bill, it absolutely could. i mean, after all, your home is your single largest investment for most people, that is. so, what we to want look today is where home prices are now versus when president obama took office. according to the s&p case-shiller home price index, in the ten largest u.s. housing market, prices are down 2.4% from january 200 through august of 2012. that's seasonally adjusted. prices are down 3.7% for the top 20 cities. remember, prices did go up briefly during the obama administration's home buyer tax credit only to fall again before bottoming. home prices nationally are still down nearly 30% from their inflated peak in 2006. of course, there are wide disparities, state to state, locals. in d.c., home prices up 13% from when obama took office. up 9% in denver. up 14% in san franc
. thanks so much. so should the workers that choose to walk out be fired from their job ps diana roth says a resounding yes. richard says absolutely not. both join me now to hash it out. good to see you both. diana, you say these workers should be fired? >> if i walked off my job, i would get fired. i am not a lawyer. maybe it's yes, maybe it's no. the important thing to say is that joining a union would not be good for walmart employees. if you just look at food and commercial workers union pension plans, they are dramatically underfunded. the tristate pension plan is funded at about 65%. the northern california one at about 55%. these walmart employees would be f paying for the pensions of retired employees of other companies and it would be very difficult for them to fwget the benefits out. there's a reason walmart employees don't want to join unions and should remain nonunionized. >> richard, you disagree. you say this is a strike protected under unfair labor practices. >> that's not just bad advice, that's un-american. americans have the right to strike for certain purposes without be
historic low interest rates still an issue. our real estate correspondent diana olick is here now with the rest of the story. diana? >> tyler, home prices are recovering. no question. but driving those gains are all cash investors. we saw them push phoenix home prices up over 20% in the past year and don't get me wrong, this is good. investors are cleaning up the mess of foreclosures and some are even starting to see a profit. but regular would-en buyers like chicagons thomas and michelle grant are still left out. >> we've been there where we tried to get places, but because of our credit, i mean we're not bad people. we just had some struggles. >> the grants both have jobs and have the desire to be homeowners. what they don't have is good credit. after thomas lost his job during the recession. so they are renting. but rentinging to own. it is a program offered by some of today's new breed of foreclosure investor like the mack companies in chicago. mack bought the home in foreclosure and rehabbed it. to see what it looked like before, check out the foreclosure right next door. mac
forgiveness. diana olick has the letter and she joins us with washington with more of the details on that. hi, diana. >> sue, you're right. five largest banks in this nation have already wiped out more than $6 billion of mortgage principle debt for thousands of borrowers under that giant mortgage settle many that just went into effect early this year. they've also wiped out according to the monitor of the settlement more than $13 billion worth of debt involved in short sales. that, say the nation's state attorney general provide rerelief to homeowners trying to get back on their feet. that quote comes to a letter signed by 43 state ags urging congress to extend the mortgage debt relief act that's been in effect for the last five years but which expires at the end of next month. mortgage debt relief is usualally taxable. if it is not extended, all future debt relief -- that is your principal write-down, even foreclosures, becomes taxable resulting in $1.3 billion in tax increases on the very families who can least afford it. in a conference call with reporters last week, secretary of housing a
wrestling. >> a crazy day in the nfl. tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and forget charles and diana, >> ama: join my tonight on cable 13. we'll find out which bay area city is the most zen in the nation. then at 11:00, forget condoms and the pill. the bay area entrepreneurs new technology that can give men a new method of birth control. all coming up. >> as we celebrate the 50th 50th anniversary of james bond, the new film is a blockbuster, earning a record $87 million. that lifts the worldwide total to $518 million since it began rolling out overseas in late october and has already passed the international take for the last two films. disney's movie drops to number two, flight debuted at number three, argo, number four, and taken 2 rounds out the top five films. >>> a bit movie history set some big bucks. judy gar land's blue beginningham dress she wore in the wizard of oz sold for two million dollars. and bidders snatched up pieces of prince william and katherine's wedding cake. thank you for joining us. >> right now, saying good-bye to edward and bell
pasadas, tuvimos mas de 200-llamadas.." un arbol se cayo a solo pasos de la casa de diana... sin luz, trata de sobrevivir...sus alimentos ya comenzaron a descomponerse... "tratar de con las velas ayudarme, pero mirando que vengan a arreglar todas noches, que venian, pero se iban' el departamento de salud advierte los peligros de alimentos en emergencias ..durante derecho, hubo una serie de infecciones... "muchas personas decongelaron, se descongelo la comida, volvieron a congelarla, otros la consumieron y hubo un incremento notable en enfermedades del estomago, disenteria y otras en clinicas y hospitales del distrito" tome sus precauciones.. "si se va la luz por un periodo de mas de seis horas, esos alimentos se boten, lamentablemente es asi" ... mientras tanto la respuesta del gobierno federal continua... hoy el presidente barack obama viajo al estado de new jersey, para constar los danos causados por la tormenta... fernando pizarro nos amplia ... ---- el presidente obama, junto al gobernador chris christie, visito las zonas costeras de nueva jersey mas afectadas por sandy. el gober
it is world diana day -- world diabetes day? that's why our iconic ferry build something lit in blue, to reflect the official color of world diabetes day. >> thanks for sharing that mike. former republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan says he was shocked how the presidential election played out. ryan talked about it in an abc interview he says the president won fair and square though he doesn't see it as a mandate by the people supporting mr. obama >> polling the data and the smart people who watch this stuff, they had a pretty optimistic view on the night. going into that boston that day we felt we had a good chance as winning it was a shock when we didn't. >> ryan said he does not support raising taxes under any circumstance something that is now being discussed. he says the good thing about losing, spending time with his family last week. >>> governor brown plans to appear at a uc regents meeting in san francisco to urge officials to control cost and avoid another fee hike. regents shelfed a series of proposed hikes for now scheduled to vote on them today. the governor vi
to get better gas mileage and they are coming out with direct injection engines. >> thanks a lot diana "the housing market is far from being out of the woods." that's what federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told business leaders in atlanta today. he said the fed will keep interest rates ultra low so the housing sector can recover. bernanke alsooted that one in five borrowers owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, another sign that housing is still struggling. his comments came as foreclosure filings fell 19% in october compared to a year ago. it's the third straight month of annual declines, according to market research firm realty- trac. >> tom: u.s. stock indices continued sinking, falling for the sixth time in the past seven sessions. the s&p 500 made a couple of runs into positive territory today but couldn't keep up the d. the trading range was a little bigger, a dozen points top to bottom as it ended down a fraction. trading volume was a bit heavier-- 775 million shares moving on the bog board; just over two billion on the nasdaq. the telecommunications sector
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